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Logon server: Port 2593
Features: - Covetous Void pool encounter - Shame Crystal and boss system - High seas 100% - Town Loyalty - Imbue / Reforge - TOL Content All of the staff here is current or prior military. We run this shard on a base set of values and ethics and you WILL see it. LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, HONOR, and most importantly INTEGRITY! We have POSTED promotions but NEVER do random "hook ups". We are an honorable, limited, crew that wants YOUR time to pay off! Build and sell, this IS your Heritage. Dedicated Server - 24/7 99.9% uptime. HS/SA/TOL expansions - We strive to be a UO clone with little staff involvement in players day to day affairs. We will NEVER shut down.

Shard Website: trueuo.com
Uptime: 95.4%

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