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Legendary Knights
Logon server: Port 2593
Welcome to your new Ultima Online Home.  Here at Legendary Knights, your Adventurer will start with a 1200 point skill cap, but thanks to our unique leveling system. Stat cap is 300, and we feature many custom tameables and opponents. All standard maps are populated,   Legendary Knights is Gargoyle Friendly, so feel free to create A Gargoyle, an Elf or even a Human if you so desire.  All crafting systems are in place and many custom resources are available. We are a Family Friendly Server; we feature Mini Champs, Peerless Bosses and try to run Fun Events on a Daily Basis. We have just updated to the lastest expansion Of Tol  and we also have Eodon, ​Come and explore the new lands with us. we are patched at We look forward to welcoming you to our community . . .

Shard Website: http://thelegendaryknights.weebly.com/
Uptime: 81.41%

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