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«Inceptum» — The game? No. The Real World.
Logon server: login.osistyle.com Port 2593
700 Skillcap, 225 Statcap. Time Of Legends. 2D Classic Client 7.0.57+, 3D Enhanced Client 4.0.57+. Our server runs on powerful dedicated hardware (Xeon 1230v2, 16GB ECC, 1x2TB RAID, 1GB/s): Uptime over 99%. Shard mode: PVP-oriented (no Trammel ruleset) OSI-style with some minor custom modifications, active PVE and PVM, RP encouraged but not obligatory. Automatic events. A lot of players from different countries. International and multilingual. Custom RunUO with more than 1000+ updates and bug fixes for the last 7 years. Since 2010.

Shard Website: http://osistyle.com/
Votes: 2206
Current players: 48
Average players: 148
Maximum players: 416
Current response time: 247ms
Average response time: 275ms
Uptime: 99.71%

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Philip Brailsford (murderer) Click here to find out more info.

President Checker (satire)