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Ultima Reforged
Logon server: Port 2593
Tired of outdated UO Servers from 1997? Sure, T2A and Renn are great, but how about ML, AoS, HS, SA, SE, TOL, and all the current content on the retail servers. Quality of Life changes including the loot bag and ledger. Daily Town invasions. Helpful and friendly (and active) staff. Helpful players to point you in the right direction 1200 skill, 300 stat Join us on Reforged! https://discord.gg/gK7grkFW3R

Shard Website: https://ultimareforged.com/
Votes: 6
Current players: 13
Average players: 7
Maximum players: 16
Current response time: 67ms
Average response time: 68ms
Uptime: 99.92%

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We have cancelled our Paypal account but want to thank all those who have donated in the past.
At some point we will set up a different service.

We strongly recommend you also cancel your Paypal account! Here's why.