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Ultima Online Everlast
Logon server: Port 2593
Coming soon,grand opening mid February/first March. What is UO Everlast?UO Everlast is an Ultima Online server based on Mondain's Legacy era,providing a pure ML experience with some features added like: Miners,lumberjackers,fishers,player versus player,and player versus monster monthly rankings with prices for the first three players on the top.UO Everlast offers too a single player monsterbash event with a chance to get a special reward if completed.Another special feature of UO Everlast are our daily automated PVP events,we got different tourneys and they are: Capture the flag,tournament 1v1,tournament 2v2,color wars,faction wars,and free for all,offering too 4 different arenas to host single duels,using the command "i wish to duel".Players gonna be rewarded with pvp points participating on these events to exchange for special rewards. Join Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HjjM7fWKzD

Shard Website: https://discord.com/invite/HjjM7fWKzD
Votes: 0
Current players: 10
Average players: 6
Maximum players: 30
Current response time: 169ms
Average response time: 167ms
Uptime: 99.54%

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