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Oceania Classic
Logon server: login.oceaniaclassic.com Port 1999
Hosted in Sydney, Australia. Britannia and the Lost Lands. No Trammel. Original (pre-AoS) item system. No insurance. 700 total Skill Cap. No Power Scrolls. 225 total Stat Cap. No Stat Scrolls. Redesigned Factions System. Classic Houses. Guildstones and the Guild System that goes with them. Banksitting in Britain! Murderer Bounty Hunting! Original currency system. So much more!

Shard Website: http://oceaniaclassic.com
Votes: 0
Current players: 19
Average players: 7
Maximum players: 20
Current response time: 421ms
Average response time: 450ms
Uptime: 98.34%

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