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Logon server: etria.ddns.net Port 2593
‚ÄčA free private shard that is not pay to win! 1600 skill cap, 375 stat cap, 5 characters max per account and 4 houses per account! 9 custom races plus the 3 original Races! This is not your pay to win server! Anything you can pay for, you can earn somehow in game! No stat loss from being a murderer! Felucca is PVP! We are the first shard with adoptable children! They grow up in 7 days! Bondable like pets, and you can store them at an inn! There is a Malas Clone called Alkiv with it's own creatures you can tame! We recently updated the user interface as well! We have reintroduced Felucca in it's own way to the server! Felucca has changed, and so have two of the faction locations. Felucca rules apply to Felucca. Check out our video: https://youtu.be/o-ZolFZ1YK8

Shard Website: https://planesofetria.weebly.com/
Uptime: 95.6%

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