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UOTopia: Origins
Logon server: uotorigins.ddns.net Port 2593
Behold Adventurers! 3+ Yrs In The Making/Production & Quality Assurance Testing. The First Age Of Origins, UOTopia's Twin Sister Server, Release Date: 02/28/2019! We Offer T2A/Renaissance Era (Accurate 90's - 2003 OSI Gameplay Mechanics, Nostalgia, Lore & Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Rares) Felucca & Trammel only, PvP Ladderboard & Tournament System, Order/Chaos Guilds, Factions, Extra Pet Loyalty Duration (Pets Stay Happy 200% Longer!) NPC Fighter Hirelings, Access To Newer Expansion Dungeons Included & With Custom Created Dungeons, New Custom Bosses, Custom Magical Equipment Drops & More! Highspeed Dedicated Kaby-Lake Connection, With LOW Pings! 225 Stat Cap / 1000.0% Skill Cap (10xGM) You Will Rediscover Everything You Love & Remember About The Good-Old-Days Of Ultima Online.. Perfected! As The Brittanian Royal Guards Say: Join Us Or Regret Thine Actions Swine!

Shard Website: http://uotopia.weebly.com/
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Maximum players: 21
Current response time: 106ms
Average response time: 105ms
Uptime: 96.92%

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