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Origins Reload
Logon server: login.originsreload.com Port 2593
Welcome to Origins Reload. It is PreT2A and has all those classic Ultima feelings. The original shard was launched as UO Origins by Exodus. Some of the features are... PreT2A Features Notoriety system No lockdowns/secures & no ban or friend lists Party system disabled Help/stuck option disabled Mage templates are free from meditation/evaluate Templates are free from anatomy Skills like Animal lore, lumberjacking inscription, alchemy do not give you any other bonuses Era accurate combat No control slots Chatty NPCs Bounty System Skill/Stat atrophy system We have also modernized it with the moongate system that most players are familiar with, instead of basing it off the moons in the game. We have also turned skills up and down like players are used to. We have an active staff that cares about the players and are dedicated to helping you enjoy your time.

Shard Website: https://www.originsreload.com/
Votes: 107
Current players: 13
Average players: 11
Maximum players: 17
Current response time: 93ms
Average response time: 86ms
Uptime: 99.91%

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