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Heritage TrueUO
Logon server: play.trueuo.com Port 2593
Heritage - Up and running for 640 days as of 10/26/2017. A UO clone all the expansions. Newest content to include: - Full Enhanced Client and Classic Client support. - FULL TOL SUPPORT. ALL skill masteries. - Shadowguard! The newest TOL encounter. - Virtue vs Vice (VvV)(Newest UO PVP system) - Clean Up Britannia - Town Loyalty / Governorship - Bard and Skill Masteries (new TOL expansion) - Covetous Void pool encounter - Shame Crystal and boss system - High seas 100% - Imbue / Reforge - Castle Blackthorn Dungeon - Custom content and a balanced economy. Dedicated Server - 24/7 99.9% uptime. We run this shard on a base set of values and ethics and you WILL see it. LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, HONOR, and most importantly INTEGRITY!

Shard Website: http://trueuo.com
Votes: 0
Current players: 22
Average players: 28
Maximum players: 182
Current response time: 19ms
Average response time: 37ms
Uptime: 99.57%

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