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Quingis UO
Logon server: uo.quingis.com Port 2593
OSI clone, Full Stygian Abyss, High Seas, Time of Legends. All maps including Tokuno, TerMur, Eodon. Imbuing, Runic Reforging, new BOD system (BOD reset, BOD cache, bribing etc.), City Loyalty, Clean Up rewards with some event/rare items (Conjurer's Trinket, Ranger's Cloak of Augmentation etc.), Skill Masteries, Vice vs Virtue (new faction system with faction arties), Doom Revamp, all Tokuno Arties, Blackthorn Dungeon, Shadowguard, Exodus Encounter, new pets of Pub 96, 1 month veteran, 2 days bond time. From Argalep, one of the most active developers on ServUO https://www.servuo.com/members/argalep.705/#recentActivity

Shard Website: http://www.quingis.com/
Uptime: 0%

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