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UOshard 2nd Age
Logon server: play.uoshard.com Port 2594
UOshard 2nd Age - The best 100% free Ultima Online Shard. DOB 01/2018. It's running on latest ServUO (OSI emulator) version with a lot of custom work and real world mimic'ing. Original UO Classic and Enhanced Client fully patched. TOL expansion. Fast skill gain. No skillcap. Power hour (+5% bonus on stats / improved skillgain / improved gold loot). A lot of custom mobs, custom items and custom quests. Updates every week. Running on enterprise hardware with gigabit internet connection. Ultrafast worldsaves. Online 24x7 for your pleasure. Are you a good UO player? Go get all OP items ingame. Just refined UO players.

Shard Website: https://www.uoshard.com
Votes: 2
Current players: 5
Average players: 4
Maximum players: 50
Current response time: 8ms
Average response time: 40ms
Uptime: 94.64%

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Philip Brailsford (murderer) Click here to find out more info.

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