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Logon server: Port 2593
UOWarriorRealm, A place where everyone's adventure on Ultima Online can be as raw as possible. CUSTOM Easy Crafting, if you like crafting but hate the struggle we have made BOD and crafting for you. Ultima Online cannot get any better than this. Skill cap 720 from start, Stats Cap 225 Rules: 1. AFK macro is 100% legal of all type 2. Multi client to help each other kill is legal every where except DOOM if other player doesn’t consent, and also Multi clienting during pvp is forbidden. 3. 4 account is max per player, and if you have more than one family member please find a GM to consult. 4. Griefing is legal in Fellucca, and there will be no racial, flaming, or any hurtful insult anywhere.

Shard Website: http://uoheroquest.com/UOHeroQuest/
Uptime: 95.02%

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