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White Tiger
Welcome to White Tiger White Tiger is a new & growing Server. We have experienced staff. Alot of the new custom things and We are adding more everyday! Stat Cap is 450 Unlimited skill cap. :) Two houses per account and two accounts per ip address. Monthly Mobs, Tameables and Deco Mobs also and we cater to gargoyles. There is PVM and PVP in FEL. Thanks, Candy Apple & Wendy
Cur: 19
Avg: 9
Max: 34
Cur: 144ms
Avg: 148ms
Up: 97.99%
White Tiger
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
IP: login.worldofuo.com - Port: 2593 - Free Ultima Online Shard
Cur: 49
Avg: 51
Max: 340
Cur: 290ms
Avg: 321ms
Up: 99.43%
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
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