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White Tiger
Welcome to White Tiger White Tiger is a new & growing Server. We have experienced staff. Alot of the new custom things and We are adding more everyday! Stat Cap is 450 Unlimited skill cap. :) Two houses per account and two accounts per ip address. Monthly Mobs, Tameables and Deco Mobs also! There is PVM and PVP in FEL. Thanks, Candy Apple & Wendy
Cur: 6
Avg: 8
Max: 27
Cur: 42ms
Avg: 106ms
Up: 98.62%
White Tiger
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
IP: login.worldofuo.com - Port: 2593 - Free Ultima Online Shard
Cur: 5
Avg: 86
Max: 355
Cur: 276ms
Avg: 341ms
Up: 99.21%
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
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Philip Brailsford (murderer) Click here to find out more info.

President Checker (satire)