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White Tiger
We are White Tiger.Come play with us.We have PVM & PVP in Felucca.There is 2 accounts per IP & 2 houses per accounts. We do family accounts also. Here are some of the specifications we have No Skill Cap & Stat Cap is 450 Evo Pets 6 KP's & 16 EP's Evo Armor & Weapons For Humans & Gargoyles Bio Pets & Rainbow Mounts Power Scrolls to 150 & Crafting Scrolls to 150 We have 192 Mobs & 121 Tamables & 168 Quest We have lots of Deco so you can make your UO house one of a kind Log In:whitetigersrus.com Port2593
Cur: 7
Avg: 10
Max: 34
Cur: 139ms
Avg: 168ms
Up: 97.99%
White Tiger
Why Wolvesbane? A fresh feel to a classic game. Growing community of helpful and dedicated players. No skill caps and 1k stat cap. Evo weapons and pets (including Mercs) New players get the choice of 3 skills @ 120, 7 skills @ 100 or all skills 45 to start the game. We offer customs of all sorts ore/wood/hide/tamable/bosses and much more. We are still the new kids on the block but don't let that deter you. We have new player dungeon for younger folks to get started and geared up and community events to keep things interesting. We have a staff ready to get and keep the ball rolling. So why not give us a shot scared you might like it?
Cur: 6
Avg: 9
Max: 29
Cur: 44ms
Avg: 84ms
Up: 98.59%
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
IP: login.worldofuo.com - Port: 2593 - Free Ultima Online Shard
Cur: 558
Avg: 40
Max: 687
Cur: 259ms
Avg: 306ms
Up: 97.19%
World of UO - Free Ultima Online Shard
World War III
WWIII offers a unique experience that can only be given through years of running an Ultima online server. Custom map. Races. Aptitudes No Skill Cap. Felucca ruleset. AOS. Mondains Legacy. See website for details.
Cur: 3
Avg: 1
Max: 4
Cur: 67ms
Avg: 99ms
Up: 98.14%
World War III
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