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Uo Hardcore Need staff
« on: January 13, 2016, 05:18:57 PM »
Hi there are there anybody that is interested being a staff on my newly made shard that just recently started to host Early Januaray of 2016.

Shard name is UoHardcore.  I've got a domain name for already, but I need to find a website that I can host our forum, and I might try to build forums on my own, and just host it that way I can avoid having to pay, but if any body is interested in helping me out figure out what website or how to host a forum or even build one then that is also great!

This is my goal on my shard I want everything to be cap free no limit like fast casting, and swing speed, but one thing it will have a cap is player.  I am trying to make it more of a PVP, but has a little bit of a role playing that is included mining, and farming off from monster that has a much higher rate so player can have a fast pace and ready for PVP as early as 3 days, or a week.

I've already modify most of the thing on the shard, and still are modifying so the only thing I want is a staff that understand modification and I want to try to tweak it as best as I can for best balance between mage, and dexer so they be even out and not be imbalance when fighting in the field.

I want to make the shard PVPable and make it where the entire place is for both red, and blue, and have a fighting place where player can enter and fight anytime so I might need some help if anybody can help me out decide how to set it up like this.