Author Topic: New feature for monitoring your shard's uptime!  (Read 6398 times)

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New feature for monitoring your shard's uptime!
« on: February 20, 2015, 02:24:00 AM »
A new small feature has been implemented to aid administrators in monitoring their shard uptime!

Using a URL like this will return a 0 or 1 depending on status according to uogateway:
https ://[your shard's ID]&mon=up

Also you can monitor player count:
https ://[your shard's ID]&mon=players

and ping:
https ://[your shard's ID]&mon=ping

Or everything on one line:
https ://[your shard's ID]

Replace [your shard's ID] with the ID that shows up when you click on your shard in the list.

Please note that this command can only be executed once every 5 seconds.  This is to prevent people from hammering the server.   I suggest that you set it to check like every 30 seconds at most.    Keep in mind the data only gets updated every 5 minutes anyway so you can really get away with like every 4 minutes or something.

Note: if you monitor all stats you should use the last URL to output to a file, then run appropriate command on that file, or you may run into issues if the monitor points happen within the 5 second hammer timer period.

As a totally different note, if you type:

It displays your IP address.  RunUO's site does this as well and it's how vanilla RunUO determines your outside IP.  I figured I would add this too in case RunUO ever pulls theirs off. 

Please be courteous and don't set your scripts to hammer the server at an unreasonable rate, however. 

An easy way to fetch the value is using curl in Linux.  You can plug the URL in curl and it will display the value.  This can then be used in various scripts/programs depending on how you monitor your stuff.  Ex:
Code: [Select]
curl -s ""
Returns 1 or 0 depending on if the shard is up or down.

Keep in mind that this is very beta.  I did some thorough testing and it's fairly simple so it should be fine though.
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