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RunUO's Status
« on: August 24, 2014, 04:44:59 AM »
I was informed not too long ago that RunUO has closed it's doors and will no longer be updating, and the site is partially shut down.    It looks like they will keep the forums open but if anyone feels they want to switch to another forum in case they change their mind, I'm more than happy to make this forum available for RunUO and other emulator discussions, code sharing, helping etc... 

While I'm not personally that much in the UO scene any more I have zero plans to close this site.  I also run which is my main site that I've been running for probably almost 14 years.  It started off as a site hosted from my basement and kept it up since.   While I've neglected the site in the past years, I always kept it running and do have plans to update it soon.

I have some big plans soon to merge this forum with's forum and a few other sites I run and update/maintain them more.  This actual site will remain but the forum will just be at  The user accounts and posts will stay.

Just thought I'd make it clear that I'm more than willing to handle the traffic from RunUO forums if they do decide to close the forum too, and our doors are open. 
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