Author Topic: Shard showing offline? Read this.  (Read 14516 times)

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Shard showing offline? Read this.
« on: October 14, 2011, 11:36:18 PM »
If you see other shards are showing online but yours is not, chances are it's a problem with how your shard is handling the UOG packet.   This post explains this packet and you should ensure your shard's code handles it properly.

UOG has a poller app which sends a special packet to the UO server to gather data.

The packet sent is shown below:
Your server should be coded to accept this packet and handle it accordingly.  (this should be built into RunUO, not sure about other servers)

Code: [Select]

The response should be a null terminated string something like this:

Code: [Select]
RunUO, Name=shardname, Age=226, Clients=2, Items=450725, Chars=22697, Mem=493189K

You can replace RunUO with whatever other software you may use (ex: Sphere, POL).   Not sure what age is tbh, UOGateway does not check it. The only one it cares about the clients one which is the number of tcp connections which is technically the number of players, but it counts even non logged in accounts, so tcp connection is more the way of doing it.

If you are running RunUO this should already be coded in as far as I know.

Other notes:

The poller IP is
(Oct-28-2014 note: server has been moved.  Old IP was
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