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« on: February 03, 2018, 12:13:49 AM »
All paypal donate links have been removed a while back due to the CRA ordering Paypal to give up all transaction data.  This could mean bad news for us and other sites that accept donations as they may want to start collecting taxes which would create a lot of complications as far as accounting goes.  I will talk to my tax person when I get my taxes done to figure out the implication of this.  If Paypal starts to send tax related documents so that I don't have to track every little transaction manually then I will reinstate that method of donation.

In the meantime, any donations can be donated via Ethereum (eth) to address: 0x20eb791daf1650436c318a65457fe086b6c0a86a

Be sure to use Ethereum (ETH) and not Ethereum Classic.   I'm not really setup for Bitcoin and this is more a temporary thing so going to only do Ethereum for now.

Thanks in advance for any donations!


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