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Logon server: game.lostcityshard.com Port 2593
The Lost City Shard offers a blend of PvP (only in Felucca) and PvM with various customs such as: levelable armor, weapons and jewelry, custom dungeons and quests, levelable/breedable pets, bio-engineering, removable trees (if you chop down a tree you can build a house in the middle of a forest), house yards and a easy-to-use chat system. We offer a possibility of having 3 accounts per IP and there is no skill cap, allowance of AFK and macro, and much more custom features. We update on regular basis so there is always something new to do.

Shard Website: http://www.lostcityshard.com
Votes: 12102
Current players: 63
Average players: 81
Maximum players: 265
Current response time: 210ms
Average response time: 260ms
Uptime: 99.69%

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