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  Votes Shard Name Online Ping  
  1577 UO Excelsior Shard
Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!
Cur: 176
Avg: 148
Max: 264
Cur: 338ms
Avg: 212ms
Up: 99.55%
UO Excelsior Shard
  1196 UO Renaissance - History Perfected
Renaissance is the only shard committed to making a balanced reproduction of the UO:R era. Unmatched Quality / No AFK Gathering / No Donation Shop / Fantastic Economy / Automated Events / Amazing Website. / 500+ Online / Come experience UO the way you remember it.
Cur: 469
Avg: 361
Max: 624
Cur: 103ms
Avg: 103ms
Up: 99.91%
UO Renaissance - History Perfected
  248 UO Traditions (where the tradition lives on)
Dedicated server Custom shard All files in one download Buy nothing as all is in game Accelerated skill gain PvM except PvP on Felucca Skill Cap 1200 Stat Cap 325 Vet rewards 6 characters 3 houses Enhance artifacts Plus 50 custom quests Daily events New content monthly See Full Detail on UOT Website
Cur: 8
Avg: 6
Max: 29
Cur: 207ms
Avg: 191ms
Up: 99.12%
UO Traditions (where the tradition lives on)
  177 Paradise Found
Family shard since 2004. No PvP. No Skill Cap. 9 facets including Termur. Very friendly players and staff. Welcome to paradise. Client and higher.
Cur: 27
Avg: 29
Max: 132
Cur: 86ms
Avg: 135ms
Up: 99.84%
Paradise Found
  163 UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER]
UO Evolution [ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, New Spell system, Townhouses, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced Staff, Friendly Community, All Facets fully spawned with OSI and custom content including Ter Mur, Underworld, and Stygian Abyss
Cur: 210
Avg: 96
Max: 309
Cur: 48ms
Avg: 130ms
Up: 98.8%
  112 Six Feet Under
TRAMMEL IS OPEN! Stygian Abyss & High Seas! Mercenarys! All skills 100 at start, Raise all skills to 140, Evolution Dragons, Nightmares, Ostards, Swampys, Custom Gear! PVM or PVP, 2 Houses per account, Not a OSI clone.
Cur: 39
Avg: 7
Max: 47
Cur: 131ms
Avg: 143ms
Up: 98.17%
Six Feet Under
  95 UO White Wolf
Dedicated UO Server up to Stygian Abyss and some High Seas. No PVP. Lots of custom and quests. Join us now and start with a free mercrenary.
Cur: 16
Avg: 29
Max: 59
Cur: 3ms
Avg: 71ms
Up: 98.57%
UO White Wolf
  91 Whispering Pines
Fun, family oriented PVM shard. Friendly and professional staff. Customs include items, monsters, quests and towns, with more being added all the time. Easy start professions remove much of the training drudgery. No skillcap, 365 statcap (with scrolls).
Cur: 17
Avg: 10
Max: 34
Cur: 467ms
Avg: 255ms
Up: 98.38%
Whispering Pines
  69 Vetus Mundus
Online since 2004, instant account creation, OSI-map fully spawned including Stygian Abyss and High Seas, Multi-shard (PvP on Felucca, PvM, designated RP areas), biggest German shard, English speakers welcome, skillcap 800/900, statcap 225/250, PvP castle siege system, more than 200 quest NPCs. Friendly community and experienced, professional staff.
Cur: 6
Avg: 23
Max: 98
Cur: 198ms
Avg: 284ms
Up: 99.84%
Vetus Mundus
  59 Uo Fever
Come and get Infected on high patched Ultima Online. Hell is not just for Satan no more. Lots Of Customs. No skill cap. Stat Cap 305/330 with stat scrolls. Hell is empty and all its monsters are here. Rise from the depths and face your biggest fears. Imbuing System ,Evolutionary Pets,Custom Boss Monsters,Token Monsters,Rare Drops,Bomber Man,Paint Ball , Battle Chess, Daily Events, Dedicated Team speak And Much Much More! LIMITED TIME Start Get A Leveled EVOLUTIONARY DRAGON And LIMITED TIME Skill Gate! Come Get Infected!
Cur: 9
Avg: 8
Max: 17
Cur: 100ms
Avg: 147ms
Up: 98.78%
Uo Fever
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